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Saturday, June 24, 2017

My Turn Is Coming

How long will it be before I become the doddering driver that currently triggers my impatience?

Are you a patient driver, no matter the situation? If yes, ignore today's perspective question. But I suspect only folks who walk on water and the delusional will have too much trouble substituting a different circumstance where people older than you test your patience, at least sometimes. Sitting still recently in a long line of cars waiting for a driver who appeared to make no distinction between yield and stop, I allowed myself to get frustrated.

After the throng finally got on the Interstate and I passed the individual who had remained motionless until there wasn't a single car within line of sight of the on ramp, I wasn't surprised at what the driver looked like. My holier-than-thou attitude toward the pokey codger gave me roughly two minutes of condescending satisfaction. And then suddenly I realized - unless my eyesight had let me down, that confounded slowpoke was no more than ten years older than I. Shit.


  1. You allowed yourself to get frustrated...you mean you got frustrated. That initial description is about as sensical as saying "I allowed myself to get hit by lightning."

    1. lambchowder; Good point. Thanks for your sharp eye.