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Sunday, May 26, 2019

When Our Own Words Provide Solace

"Writing is the act of self-discovery."  - David Hare

In 2014, I suggested some of you might benefit taking an occasional backward glance at something  captured in a journal entry you made on the same date three or more years back. In those instances over the last five years when I've used this blog to follow my own suggestion, my reactions to what I'd previously written here have been - perhaps predictably - a mixed bag. I've noticed both growth and backsliding. Some announced goals have been realized; others abandoned. I've been pleased with my honesty and cringed at my over-sharing. If you have joined me, re-visiting your younger self, I'd welcome hearing what shifts you've detected over the ensuing years.  


Before today I've never been tempted to print out a post - as I will do shortly with the one above from four years ago today - so I can place the printout somewhere easily visible from this laptop. I can hear you from cyberspace. What would possess even a solipsistic blogger - redundant as that phrase may be - to do something so obnoxiously self-referential?

The answer lies in playwright David Hare's wise words. On May 26, 2015 the conclusions I reached about being hobbled by originality - conclusions that surfaced as I wrote - were worthy of embracing and remembering. To be given solace by my own words four years later is a gift I will not let go of no matter how self-referential it may be. Please don't judge me. In turn, if you share written words of your own that you've chosen to print out and post somewhere, I won't judge you either.

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