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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Goal For Year 72

Of the by-products I've derived from committing to the discipline of blogging nearly eleven years ago, one of the most beneficial has been to publicly declare one or more goals on the day before my birthday each year. It's possible procrastination would have won the day if I hadn't announced here some things I had postponed getting to in the years before I began blogging. 

Why not join me this year - as a select few of you have done in the past - and declare a goal of yours? Forget the birthday. What is something you commit to accomplishing by November 22, 2021? Either follow my lead and go modest - as I did in 2019 - or go big. I'm going small again this year primarily because I'm aiming to keep my ten year batting average in respectable Ted Williams territory - i.e. .333.

Reflections From The Bell Curve: Goal For Year 71  

This next year, I will have at least twelve jam sessions with other musicians to help me more fully integrate the 300 (now 310) jazz standards I memorized between 2011-2019.  FYI, that memorization project was a goal declared on the eve of my 63rd year. See what I mean about the benefit of publicly declaring a goal? I hope you'll join me this year. What's the downside? 

Reflections From The Bell Curve: Goal For Year 63


  1. Great goal, why not add drafting an outline for the book you want to write? Happy birthday dad

    1. Good idea, sweetie! And thanks for the birthday wishes, reading my ramblings, and commenting so regularly; you're a mensch!