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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Goal For Year 68

The first seven years of my post full time work life have been satisfying for many reasons, not least of which has been my progress on several longstanding goals. And this blog - itself a by-product of one of those goals - has assisted me in that effort. In a sense, announcing a goal here each year on the day before my birthday makes me accountable. This is so even when no one checks my progress because, not unlike the public declaration of their dependencies people make at support groups, the ante has been raised.

Inspired by the 88 year old tour guide who led my wife and I on a rigorous walking tour of Harlem recently, my goal for year 68 is to return to my pre-2010 bike riding level. Since stopping full time work, my exercise regimen has been good - mostly tennis and lots of walking - but guitar, reading, and writing have displaced much of my earlier cycling discipline. Obviously, something will have to give a bit - there still being only so many hours in each day - so effective immediately, any book or writing clubs dropped from the schedule will not be replaced. I'll also be more discriminating about how many college teaching assignments I'll take this next year; I love doing these classes but that tour guide really juiced me. I want to be that vital at 88.

Birthday aside, I hope some of you will share a goal of yours with me. I promise I'll hold you accountable, if that's what you want.    


  1. This has been an incredible year of transition for my family and me. I have done all that I can to make the transitions as painless as possible for my children. Yet, while this new path is better for me mentally, emotionally and physically, I have neglected caring for myself in ways such as writing, reflecting and meditating. I have been saying over and over that I need to take care of myself, but I keep falling into doing for the others in my care, and neglecting my own mental well-being. So I will follow your lead, Pat, and attempt a public declaration to do what I need in order to be the best I can be.

    1. d; I'm so pleased this post spoke to you and hope your public declaration helps bring you back to some of those disciplines that have given you mental well being in the past. Thanks for continuing to read; knowing I can potentially be of use to anyone who reads my blog is very gratifying.

  2. Your mention of a walking tour in Harlem brought back a humorous memory from many years ago, when I attempted to take my youngest brother to a Yankee game in the Bronx. When we got off the subway and came up onto the street, we started doing our own walking tour. Obviously lost, I stopped to ask a vendor at a candy and newspaper stand if we were anywhere near Yankee Stadium. His answer? "Honey, you're in Harlem." Oh. Once we were down in the subway again, I spotted a man with a brood of small boys in tow, all wearing Yankee caps. Mark and I stuck to them like glue. Problem solved!