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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Quickening Of Compassion

No matter how often I'm exposed to people who spend time doing anti-oppression work, I walk away enriched by the encounters. And invariably, I immediately begin to anticipate the next time my path will cross with folks like this. Who in your life gives you this kind of energy?

In my most recent experience with this community, I participated in a conversation where each of us was asked to help refine the beta version of a newly developed training tool. The tool is a deck of cards entitled "Quickening Of Compassion". Each card in the deck has a captioned picture on one side (e.g. one card has a 1935 Dorothea Lange photo of a migrant worker family) and, on the reverse side, a short statement (on that same card, the statement was - "Many people struggle and have met countless hardships."). The statement is followed by a simple suggested action any person can take, connecting back to the statement.

I'm honored to be asked to participate in conversations like this and thrilled by my association with this community. When the final iteration of this tool is made available, I'll be proud to have taken a small part in its evolution.


  1. That sounds like something I would like to be involved in. If this is open to other people, kindly submit my name. Namaste!

    1. Ines; I'll respond to your inquiry offline.