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Sunday, May 13, 2018

That's Me You Don't See In That Brochure

Not long after our daughter embarked on her acting career in 2011, a modeling agency requested she bring her parents with her to a photo shoot. Imagine the fantasies I entertained in the days leading up to my time in front of those cameras.

Needless to say, none of you have subsequently seen my mug in any brochures like the one being worked on that day, let alone the cover of a magazine or two. In fact, after the first series of photos were completed covering all possible combinations - my daughter and I, my wife and daughter, the three of us -  the photographer returned to the waiting area and asked my wife and daughter only to return for round two. I was sure there was a mistake. The photographer politely- if a bit sheepishly - explained what he'd seen in those initial shots of my wife and daughter. And he believed others would see what he had if he staged the next round well. As the three of them returned to the staging area, I told him to expect a call from my lawyer. Then I continued nursing my wounded ego, alone. Even the yummy refreshments provided no solace.

Mother's Day, several years later. I watch my wife and daughter as they laugh and talk. My life has been immeasurably enriched by these two women with a bond so intense a camera readily detects it. Meanwhile, I anxiously await my first opportunity for a close-up.

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  1. Ha ha! I had a good laugh at that one! My poor husband Jim suffered a similar experience when our younger daughter Joanne booked an acting job for a Jonas Brothers promo years ago. Jim was asked to be filmed on location at that same pizzeria in north Jersey. After the shoot with his daughter, Jim was cut from the commercial.
    Then, years later, Joanne won a major beauty pageant. Jim would proudly show her official headshot to anyone who expressed interest. Invariably the stranger would look at the tiara-bedecked photo of Joanne, study Jim’s face in real time and say, “Your wife must be very beautiful.” Poor guy - Jim resembled the actor Walter Matthau in his prime. This became one of those jokes that he didn’t find amusing; when Jim and I were together in public and the beauty queen subject arose, I would point to Jim and insist, “He’s the father. I swear!”
    It’s the genetic lottery, Pat. You gotta be in it to win it and I would say you’ve done quite well.
    We’ve “grown accustomed to your face.” -from My Fair Lady