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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Proposal For Cousin Stormy

With the season upon us, it recently occurred to me that the model for naming hurricanes is in need of revision. Think how the vocabulary of the American public could be improved by abandoning the convention of using proper names for each hurricane and substituting less frequently used adjectives, nouns, and verbs. I plan on submitting this proposal to my cousin, the head of the National Weather Service. If you want to get involved, all you need do is supply your suggestions to me via this blog. So, watch later this season for …

Hurricane Arcane (That particular adjective even rhymes; nice musical way to start, no?)

Hurricane Bombast (A perfect first noun to use, given its meaning)

Hurricane Concatenate (Though I'm partial to it, I'll accept a shorter first verb if you offer a good one)

Your turn. Pick it up with a "D" adjective, an "E" noun", and an "F" verb. For every reader responding with at least three names (matching the right part of speech), I'll immediately follow up with my ideas for the next three letters in the alphabet; I've already got fifty hurricane names ready to go. And, yes that was my cousin the Classics IV sang about and her vocabulary is decent so don't waste her time.


  1. Chris & Ines; As promised - I'd follow your suggestions for D, E, F and with Hurricane Garrulous (adjective), Hurricane Honorific (a nice alliterative noun), and Hurricane Intimidate (a very appropriate verb, just like each of your adjectives - dauntless and dangerous. Nice job, BTW.) Keep those hits coming!