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Sunday, October 7, 2018

#52: The Mt. Rushmore Series

Your guesses why men's names have been featured less frequently as the title of great songs? I'll reveal my flawless theory only if at least three readers offer a Mt. Rushmore of great songs featuring women's names. My mountain looks like this, alphabetically:

1.) Alison - Elvis Costello: "I know this world is killing you." Over his forty year recording career, Elvis has rarely misfired. This jewel from his first album still sparkles.

2.) Aubrey - Bread: I'll gladly surrender my hip badge and stand by this choice. Further, I defy any one who calls this impeccably sung ballad corny to write something this harmonically rich; go ahead - try it.

3.) Gloria - Laura Branigan: With little effort, and without Google, I can think of four other songs, aside from Branigan's, using the same name. None come close to this 1982 rocker. Branigan was a world-class screamer.

4.) Susan - The Buckinghams: Approaching my fourth selection, there was a lot of competition - cue "Bernadette" or "Dawn" or "Wendy", to name a few. But in the end - for sentimental reasons - I had to go with this hit from 1968. Know what I mean, sis?

Want that theory? Get busy and build your Mt. Rushmore and then share it with me and others.          

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