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Monday, October 21, 2019

Kindness Over Everything

Kindness over everything.

Reading those three words on the shirt of a little girl while waiting in line at my local convenience store, I was so overcome I almost didn't say anything to the adult standing by her side. I was sincerely worried that if I spoke at that moment, I would inexplicably break down in public, running the risk of both scaring the girl and embarrassing myself.

But, following a few deep breaths, I told the adult how moved I was by the simple message that shirt conveyed. The little girl heard me and smiled. And I made my getaway before melting down.

Imagine the world we could live in if each of us took those three words to heart even for just a few hours every day.


  1. Thesis/antithesis. Three alternative words, Will to Power.


    1. Anonymous; Intriguing; thanks for commenting.

    2. Turn of the screw. A must listen.


      There's much more to life than kindness, and you know it, as does anyone who has attempted to to live creatively. Sturm und drang.

      To break the glass and twist the knife into yourself;
      You've got to be a fool to understand.
      To bring your woman back home after she's left you for another,
      You've got to be a, you've got to be a man.

    3. Anonymous; Appreciate you continuing our online conversation. Clarification: My original post did not posit that kindness is all there is to life, for those who "live creatively" or otherwise. Instead, what I took away from the slogan on that t-shirt was how kindness OVER everything could help mitigate the ugliness and incivility that permeates the world we live in. I aspire to be more kind, notwithstanding my desire to continue to "live creatively".

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I am touched.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Ines; Thanks (again) for reading and commenting; I'm glad this touched you.

  3. Love this, Pat! Kindness truly matters and makes a difference. My students often ask why I am always so kind. My answer is usually along the lines of, "Why be anything else?" It behooves us at all times, in all ways, for all reasons, to be kind. I've never left a situation and regretted my kindness...but I can recall times of reflection and regret over even the slightest verbal transgression.

    Thank you, Pat, for the reminder!

    1. D; So good to see a comment from you. And, knowing you just the little I do, I am not at all surprised to her that people ask you all the time why you are so kind. You personify kindness and your children emit the same vibe. Thanks for reading.