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Friday, October 25, 2019

Come Together

Ever since reading the liner notes on Joni Mitchell's 1979 album entitled Mingus, I've trained myself to pay closer attention to what she calls "coincidences that thrill my imagination." The way I see it, if these little frissons tickle Joni's muse, keying into the coincidences in my life could help enhance my creativity. How could it hurt?

And so it came to pass a few days ago that I had my most significant breakthrough on guitar in years. Playing Am I Blue - a musical gem from the early 20th century - several techniques I've been working on for five years all fell into place. In the midst of my solitary rapture, I happened to glance at the clock. It was 10:23 a.m. on 10/23.

When did you last have a similar experience, i.e. a date and time converging as magic occurred in your life? I'm still buzzing.

P.S. A shout-out to Bette Midler is in order. My first exposure to Am I Blue was hearing it on Bette's 1972 debut album The Divine Miss M. I owe you, Bette.    


  1. Little weird Donna tidbit here...I don't usually share this because it is just one of the many odd things that I do to jog my mind and heart into sending positive vibes. So when I notice the time, I often think to myself if that corresponding date holds the birthdate or other significant meaning of anyone I know. If it does, I send a little thought their way, call it a prayer or whatever fits your mindset. Thought I'd share in case anyone wants just another way to pass the positivity and kindness around. I make sure I know all the birthdates of my students by the first week of school in order to get them in my loop. Goofy, I know. Thanks for the magic reminder, Pat! :) d.

    1. Donna; I like this. Using it will be another way to tap into that magic I referred to in the post well as a way to spread more kindness. And, I don't think it's "weird" or goofy". Thanks.