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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Stowing Away The Time Machine

Beginning in March, 2014 - as my blog moved into its fourth year - I requested some of you join me from time to time on a journey to your past via re-visiting something you'd captured in your journal or diary from that same date three or more years back. I made this request because British playwright David Hare's words - "Writing is the act of self-discovery" - had been proven to me many times over. By joining me on this journey, I hoped at least a few of you might discover something about yourself and - best case - share that discovery here. Most of my discoveries in the infrequent journeys I've made - using a blog post from the same date anywhere from 2011-2017 - have been encouraging or neutral, i.e. I've detected growth or, at least, no backsliding.


Judging by the monkey that has been chattering in my brain non-stop since 7:00 a.m., stepping into the time machine for a visit to Pat on June 23, 2016 was probably not an optimum way to begin this day. Many hours later, today's uncomfortable discovery - catalyzed by that four year old blog post - has finally been revealed to me: Whatever writing aptitude I have has probably always been best served by short forms - songs, essays, blog posts. And that sobering discovery was accompanied by a resolve to postpone these journeys to the past indefinitely. I'm not suggesting  you follow my lead; I still think there is value to be had doing this. Adults learn best by spaced repetition and reflecting back often leads to a useful and affirming confirmation of personal growth . Sometimes, those backward glances can also remind of us of our best traits.

Still, the further I move into Act Three, the less time there is to re-visit earlier acts. Pretty obvious, right? But, better late than never, no? Begin again. 

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