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Thursday, June 23, 2016

One In A Million

My oldest niece - who works in publishing - tells me over one million ISBN's are issued each year for newly published books. What an exhausting number as a reader and potentially immobilizing one as an aspiring writer.

I've read perhaps a dozen Pulitzer Prize winners for fiction - most recently, "Angle of Repose" (1971) by Wallace Stegner, a recommendation made to me by that same niece - and I'm farther behind on the Pulitzer non-fiction side. National Book Award, Booker Prize, the classics, and also a million new titles each year? I need a nap. Then I'll start reading, again.

One in a million? Why bother? Compared to my exhaustion as a reader, it takes even longer for the aspiring writer in me to shake off an initial bleak reaction to that daunting number. Stopgap measures are required - Attend a conference with other aspiring writers for inspiration as well as to re-gain perspective; publish a blog post for a temporary sense of closure; take a longer nap. Begin again.


  1. Well, I probably shouldn't say this but I will anyway. You should write because you like to, write because you can. Read despite the overwhelming feeling that you're "overbooked". Share your opinions with anyone who will read you, discuss things with you, appreciate you for who you are. Wake up! There will be no charge for this shot in the arm.