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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Adaptations In A Post-Covid World

Through evolutionary history, the human race has adapted in many useful ways. Our posture eventually became upright, our thumbs opposable, our level of melanin adjusted relative to the intensity of the sun where we settled.  

Given how many of us have been wearing masks since March, 2020 has anyone beside me wondered if we might look or feel a bit different when Covid-19 finally loses its grip on us, the human race? For example:

* Will we have permanent facial tan lines - like what happens with bathing suits - where masks have blocked the sun for the last eighteen months? 

* Will the shape of our ears be irrevocably altered because of the tension of the strings holding our masks in place? 

* Will breathing unobstructed ever feel the same again? While on that thread, do those folks with serious halitosis now better understand what it's been like for the rest of us?



  1. I don't know about you but I have only been wearing a mask since March 2020:)! Thanks for the laugh.

    1. Ines; You're welcome and thank you for catching my one year slippage. That's another by-product of Covid - I'm all out of what happened in which yea. Was that in 2019, i.e. pre-Covid? Or .. did that happen in the year that time forgot, i.e. 2020? Or .. was that this year, i.e. the half-on half-off year?

  2. Haha! What will we do with the extra time when we no longer have to backtrack to the car or house because we forgot our masks????

  3. Hello, Pat. Interesting and timely blog post. It was interesting in the beginning of this pandemic, when masks were a luxury due to great demand and supply shortage. Now you can find them anywhere and everywhere, practically. As a result, we currently have 3 large boxes of those blue medical face masks, along with an assortment of cloth masks, at home. Some with funny sayings or pictures and some just solid colors that help when trying to coordinate your days outfit with your facial covering (lol). What should not have come as such a large surprise to me as it has, is the amount of places that are selling masks - of every type, color, picture, etc. In Manhattan over the weekend there was certainly no shortage of sidewalk vendors doing their best to assure you that the masks they were selling were not only the best and most secure, but also the most original.
    I'm sure that my ears will never be the same. Thankfully the indent, that I know will be permanent, is behind my ears so it shouldn't be as noticeable. And I will not miss my glasses fogging up. As an aside, those fog free clothes do not work. Nor does putting a paperclip by my nose to hold the mask closed tighter or placing a tissue between my mouth and the mask. And, although I agree with having extra time with not having to run back for a forgotten mask, I have found a workaround to this by having masks available in my car (numerous), various jacket pockets, and practically all of my pants pockets. The 'new normal' seems to have a few different meanings.
    Be well,

    1. Bob; An offline comment you made to me in the last class of mine you took was my direct inspiration for this post so I'm glad you weighed in here. I too will NOT miss my perpetually fogged up glasses when Covid finally exits the scene. Thanks, as always, for commenting - two in one day, again.