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Monday, November 22, 2021

Goal For Year 73

I started out big. A recent novel I finished inspired me to complete Marcel Proust's seven volume, 3200 page long magnum opus In Search of Lost Time over my 73rd year. Then I got more grandiose, telling myself I would also read the even more gargantuan Dance to the Music of Time - twelve volumes that took Anthony Powell twenty-four years to write - alongside the Proust. I actually started looking for Goodreads groups tackling both these leviathans over the next year. Honest. 

Reflections From The Bell Curve: Re-Calibrating, Eventually

Then I recalled publishing the post above mere days ago. Backtracking now seemed prudent, if I cared at all about preserving any semblance of credibility, at least for anyone who might have recalled my earlier pledge. However - impending birthday or otherwise - I've no wish to stifle anyone who cares to join me, as many of you have in past years on the day before my birthday, by declaring a goal of yours for the next year. Please: Be as bold as you wish, despite my modesty.

Now that we appear to finally be crawling out of the Covid cocoon, over my 73rd year, I'm re-visiting the goal I declared here a year ago today:   This next year, I will have at least twelve jam sessions with other musicians to help me more fully integrate the 313 jazz standards I've memorized since beginning my memorization project on November 22, 2011. 

Unless another variant creeps up on us, this goal is clearly more attainable than the Proust/Powell bit. Which doesn't mean I'm abandoning that reading goal; just re-calibrating the time frame. 


  1. Hello, Pat and Happy Thanksgiving Eve to you and your family. I'm fairly sure it will not come as a surprise, but my initial thought, as I read this Blog Post, was making New Years Resolutions. I have to admit, although quite a number have been recurring themes over the years, I've not usually been one to make too many resolutions. But then I re-read your post and it's much more than just making a resolution. Especially ones that will undoubtedly be broken - probably before January ends. Goals are more than just vowing to lose weight, or to eat better, exercise more ... So, with this in mind, my 2022 'Goals' - for what will be the year I turn 65 - may not be as bold (I'm not even close to memorizing 3 Jazz Standards, much less 313 - Yes, Jealously rears its ugly head - lol) but I will set a goal to finish learning the many songs that I've only learned parts of. I will practice more and I will continue to take classes as I find these to be quite rewarding. Being involved in theater productions is on any list I have, so there's always that as opportunities present themselves. I do enjoy reading, and thankfully have read more during this past year than I had in too many previous years (5 books), but can't say that I'd attempt 12 volumes, much less 3200 pages, but ... one never knows.
    Another interesting post. Thanks for the challenge.
    And - hoping it's not too early - Happy Birthday!! Enjoy !! And I hope you all enjoy your Holidays.

    1. Hey Bob; Happy thanksgiving to you and your family as well. And thanks for the birthday wishes. For better or worse, I've always been a goal-driven person and this yearly post has been a good way to for me to be "public" about at least one birthday goal. I find that increases the likelihood of success because others can hold me accountable. In that spirit, I'll try to do the same thing for you over the next year. The idea of finishing songs you partially know is a good one as is practicing "more". I'd suggest attaching an actual doable amount of time onto that second goal, e.g. 30 minutes a day or whatever you're reasonably sure you can accomplish. Again, that increases your likelihood of success. As far as New Year's resolutions, stay tuned on/near January 1 for another of my series, this one called "Stop-Start-Continue". Finally, congratulations on reading five books this past year; how about six in 2022? Don't forget: If you ever need an idea for your next book, shoot me an e-mail and I'll make a recommendation.