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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Project Counterpoint

Care to join me in my latest project? After responding moments ago to a revealing e-mail from an old friend, I've decided that each time I find myself bemoaning one of my failures, flaws, or foibles - here on this blog, in an interaction with another person, or when alone with my thoughts - I'm going to pause and search for some counterpoint.

For most of my adult life, I suspect most people who have known me well would say I'm pretty adept at looking at myself critically. Which is exactly what happened when the naked vulnerability in my friend's e-mail touched me. Reflexively, I found myself pointing out my own flaws. I know an empathic response to someone else's pain is generally more helpful than problem solving or minimizing. But as I sent my response, I felt a tiny shift. Why is it easier for me to recall my failures, re-assure others by citing my flaws, use my foibles as examples of what not to do?

The counterpoint will be to search for successes and strengths, starting now. Instead of searching for even one more minute for a third "s" word to match the symmetry of the three "f" words that came to me while writing that e-mail, this moment I congratulate myself on the success I've had sustaining this blog for almost thirteen years and 2,300 posts as of November 11. Recalling that success today or some strength in the coming days if I'm wallowing in one of those "f" words is enough to get me started on this worthwhile project. I look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to join me. And, if you've got a third good "s" word for me, bring it on.         


  1. I love this emphasis on positivity. The only "s" word I can think of is "satisfaction." Maybe something better will show up as I reflect on this.P.S. Our brains have a negativity bias so emphasizing positivity will yield more success!

    1. Ines; Thanks for the comment and support for my newest project. And I like the notion of the third "s" being satisfaction, even if I'll hear Mick Jagger in my head whenever using it to complete the symmetry.

  2. Good morning, Pat. While I try not to take myself too seriously there are times I have actually laughed out loud when I have done something silly - Tripping, dropping, etc. Not sure if the word silly meets the criteria of an 'S' word, but I look at it more in a positive light than a negative one. Perhaps more in line with your question, maybe the 'S' word I used in my first sentence would do .. Serious. Regarding the 'F' words, I'll go with what you have.
    Be well,

    1. Bob (redux); Thanks for the comment and giving some thought to a possible third "s" word.