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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Setbacks, Upsides & Reversible Clocks

Consider for just a moment the setbacks you've experienced in your life so far. Viewed with a present day perspective, which of those setbacks ended up having a significant upside?

When nodes on my vocal cords hastened the end of my years making a living as a singing guitarist, I was very unhappy as well as unsure how I'd support myself. Since college graduation, being a working musician had been my entire professional identity. Though I don't recall how long I felt sorry for myself, I do know that setback felt insurmountable at the time. Had someone challenged me to find an upside, I'm certain I would have thought them deranged.

Nowadays, most of my magical moments with music occur when I'm playing guitar and not singing. And when I lose myself playing, sometimes I'm able to draw a line from my setback to my present joy. Had I continued for all the ensuing years just accompanying my singing, my present day ability as a guitarist would not be as advanced. It's unlikely I'd ever have taken the time to learn how to read music and playing solo jazz guitar - however rudimentary - would have remained a dream.

Now, if I could turn back the clock, would I choose to not have that setback occur despite the subsequent upside? Oh boy - you go first.   


  1. A resilient person looks at the various hands she is dealt throughout her life and finds a way to cope with them. Like many people, I have had a dose of physical problems that I have been able to overcome - many times by using the support of others as well as my own stubborn perseverance. Until I decide to write one of those alternate-ending novels, it's better for me to find that upside every time and to let the setbacks fall where they may.

  2. Grace from harm, harm from grace.
    --Buddhist saying