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Friday, May 20, 2016

The Crab Selects Denis Mukwege

How soon after receiving them do you routinely read the magazines you subscribe to?

Because my only current subscription is for Time, I'm usually up to date. But the May 2-9 issue on the "100 Most Influential People" got tossed aside until a few days ago, primarily because Leonardo DiCaprio was on my cover. Putting aside his notable environmental philanthropy, having Leo on this cover struck me as both a poor editorial choice and a prime example of the cult of celebrity's hold on the media. After all, Time is a news magazine. OK, the crab has left the building.

In fairness, six other influential people from that list could have been on the magazine cover. Time prints several alternate versions of this yearly issue and had a few of the others been on my version I would have been more compelled to read the magazine upon receipt. And, as often happens, learning of people like Denis Mukwege - a gynecologist in the Republic of Congo who specializes in the treatment of rape victims - made the reading experience a valuable one. I've more than once fantasized how edifying it would be if heroes like Mukwege got as much press as .... you can fill in those blanks.

If you've already read or get to read this issue of Time, I'd enjoy knowing which of those 100 people you'd have selected to be on the cover.

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