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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Goal For Year 69

This is the seventh year in a row I've published a goal (or in a few more ambitious years, goals), on this day before my birthday. Because my batting average is now below hall-of-fame territory - having not made last year's goal - I'm going modest this time. Why not join me, set your sights low, and we'll celebrate together next November 22 after we both get to our respective finish lines?

Over my 69th year, I plan to re-initiate contact with twelve people who have fallen off my radar over the last several years. I don't care if that contact is as superficial as an e-mail to/fro or more involved, like a dinner etc. It's all about letting others know they've been on my mind.

For many years I've used a holiday letter for this purpose; that strategy hasn't been real successful. I suspect many people get overwhelmed around the holidays, as do I sometimes, so I'm going to space out my outreach and shoot for once a month.

Why not share here a modest goal you have for the next year? Maybe you'll give another reader a good idea. That would be so cool.  


  1. My goal for many years has been not to count birthdays, simply to be in each moment and enjoy it in it's own way.

    1. Peter; Thanks for continuing to read and also to remind me of the beauty of moments.