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Monday, November 27, 2017

Still Wondering


Has there ever been a thinking person who hasn't wondered - at least a few times - if they've made a difference in the world? Without spending a lifetime in therapy, who can know when they've crossed the line that separates this understandable human wonder from an unhealthy pre-occupation?

Though I wasn't surprised, until an attentive reader pointed it out, I didn't realize I'd used the same title - "Making A Difference" - for two blog posts published a few years apart, including the one above from exactly three years ago. However, after reading both, I was surprised to discover the posts had a common thread - teaching.

A few days after reading those posts, I heard someone describe their work as  " ... not real meaningful or anything that contributes to the world ..." I flashed to my early years teaching sexual harassment, close on the heels of the Hill-Thomas hearings. Given the current news tsunami, in that moment, I was proud of the time I spent educating others about this important topic. Did I make a difference? I don't know. But, the work felt very meaningful at the time. That's coming in handy right now; today has started out as one of those wondering days.



  1. Teachers make a profound difference in people's lives. I still remember my third and fourth grade teacher and my science teachers in High School. They nurtured me. We don't always get feedback on our impact on others and that is why we wonder...Your term of the teaching as feeling "meaningful" says it all. I'd bet anything you made a difference!

    1. Ines; As always,thanks for reading and commenting. And in this case, thanks for the supportive words as well.