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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Key Learnings: Year 68

What did you learn - or maybe re-learn - between your last two birthdays?

On my last seven birthdays, I've tried to identify some key things I've learned over the previous year and shared them publicly here. This exercise is always more fun when others join me; I hope a few of you will do so again.

* From my daughter I learned how a Mark Twain motto I've lived by - "The harder you work, the luckier you get" - may have interfered with my ability to see the importance of serendipity in everyday life.

* From Susan Cain's excellent book "Quiet" (2012), I learned to better appreciate the dissonant aspects of my extroverted personality.

* Via a long conversation with a new friend, I learned a way to re-frame some lingering regret I've long held regarding some earlier-in-life choices.

It's especially appropriate today to say how thankful I am for all I've learned over the last year.


  1. I have been reminded time and again that there will be difficult things that must be said and despite my need to always be kind, I will not always be able to say things in a way that will be well received. Perhaps I can not claim to have already learned how to consistently accept this, but I am in the process of learning...My birthday is not until March so perhaps I will be better at it by then. The additional part of this that I am learning is that how things are received is not mine to own...ugh! Learning and growing can be painful...Thank you, Pat, for sharing with us and stretching us to think about those things that might be more easily swept into the cobwebs of our minds. Happy Birthday!!!! d.

    1. d; As I've repeatedly said, your comments here are both insightful and affirming. I began this blog 6 1/2 years ago with the hope that occasional connections/interactions with people like you would occur. Thanks for helping me keep the fire burning.