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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Notes From My Eighth Musical Life

I'm close; really, I am.

"Til There Were Two", a recording of original compositions - with my daughter as vocalist - was completed a year ago. Many thanks to faithful readers, friends, students who have since asked about it several times, prompted by my late 2017 announcement that it would be released "soon". Most of those folks have since given up asking, understandably. The long delay - made worse by a premature promise - has been tied to procrastination, mild paranoia re intellectual property theft, and a hefty dose of technological incompetence. I'm hoping a good friend who assisted in the recording process will be coming to my final rescue (dare I say?) soon.


Under the same heading - i.e. musical accountability - I'm now just seventeen jazz standards away from arriving at the first significant milestone for the goal announced in the post directly above from November, 2011. That early-in-my-blogging-life goal - also wildly over-ambitious - has no readers or friends or students checking in with me. But checking in with myself as the finish line nears, I've recently begun doing what any respectable goal-obsessed geek would do - sketching out Phase Two of the project. I'll spare you the details and more significantly, refrain from any more promises.

P.S. Had the most promising musical meeting of my post full time work life a few weeks ago. If things work out, there'll be some really cool musical stuff coming in 2019. Stay tuned, if you still trust me.

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