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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mr. Id & The "S" Word

Since Mr. Id's last appearance on May 25, Robert Reich's 2 minute video on why the economy continues to falter has gone viral. The video has spurred Mr. Id to wonder, once again: What rationale could convince anyone that CEOs of corporations deserve to earn (on average) 700 times what the lowest paid person in the corporation earns? Can anyone work 700 times as hard as someone else? Is anyone's education or experience worth 700 times as much as someone else's? Do CEOs have 700 times greater IQs? Is it possible for someone to have 700 times as many working hours available to them? Or to sleep 700 times fewer hours? How many cars, boats, homes, shower curtains does 700 times as much salary buy? And, can anyone use that many shower curtains?  

Mr. Id recognizes these kind of impudent questions have helped pundits label our president with the dreaded "S" word. But Mr. Id is genuinely curious how anyone can justify this kind of disparity. Mr. Id also realizes some people who might read this blog may not share his confusion/outrage or, if they do agree, they might not want to be public for fear of being labelled an "S" themselves. Mr. Id wants to re-assure the latter group: Based the average number of daily views this blog gets for postings when not using Facebook (like today), your exposure is very limited.

Finally, Mr. Id wants to re-assure any CEO who might stumble on this blog: You're not at a great risk of a mass public outcry about your ridiculously inflated salaries. Not enough people are paying that close attention to Mr. Id, the "S".          

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