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Friday, August 28, 2020

The Price Of Bro-Bragging

Although I welcome input from women on today's reflection, my opening questions are aimed at men only: In your experience with other men, how many have you ever heard say they are bad drivers? How many have you ever heard say they are not all that great in bed? What percentage of men would you say you've heard claim they have a great - or at least a good - sense of humor?

Guys, let's talk math for a moment. If your experience even closely resembles my own, the answers to those three questions would be as follows: ZERO, ZIP, 100%; I'm rolling in my own answers as well as yours. That is equivalent to a flat bell curve, meaning no man is either below average or even average at driving, sex, or being funny. I'm no mathematician, but I do know enough to know that's highly improbable, statistically.

After more than a half century of engaging in and listening to incessant bro-bragging, it's difficult for me to say with anything approaching reality where I would actually fall if there was a scientifically reliable way to measure these things. And truth be told, even if those metrics could be developed, I wouldn't want to know my results. I'm not sure about much but I am sure about this - I've yet to meet a man who would want to know his results either. The price of a lifetime of bro-bragging is difficult to assess. But when the time finally arrives that I'm able to laugh at my delusions - regularly - I'll be a little healthier, mentally.


  1. I'm still laughing (or is that chuckling?) at todays blog post.
    It is an interesting subject choice and one that I am unable to disagree with. Maybe because of my own beliefs. Maybe because there is no quantifiable means to accurately measure them (thankfully - lol). And, of course, my responses would also be Zero, Zip, and 100%. However, I do like to think that I can be funny. Sometimes. My dad was a very funny man. My older brother has a good sense of humor. And, when we are able to get together, my younger brother and I usually wind up doing a great deal of laughing. And as long as we believe that we're funny .. well, that may change the answer to the last question.
    But the best part of todays post has to be 'bro-bragging'. I've heard of a bro-mance, but not bro-bragging. I love that term. Full disclosure, I plan to steal - oops, I mean borrow - this phrase from time to time. Full credit to the writer will be provided of course.
    Thanks for the morning laugh

    1. Anonymous; Always glad to provide a laugh or a chuckle. Truth be told, I'd settle for a smirk. As far as stealing (or borrowing) my neologism, you'd be paying me a high compliment doing so. If you do credit me, maybe tell that person how to find my blog? Then, perhaps I could end up with another faithful reader like you. Thanks.