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Monday, September 28, 2020

To Shake Or Not To Shake

 OK, crystal ball ready? Ready to commit yourself to a few political prognostications?

Given Covid-19, when the candidates meet for their first debate tomorrow evening, will they shake hands? If yes, will one of them, both of them, or neither of them be wearing a mask when they do so? If no, will either of them later draw attention to the fact that they did not shake hands? 

Because I'm confident Joe Biden's handlers read my blog for its sage guidance, my suggestion to them is: Make sure your man strides center stage and offers his hand, without a mask. The gesture alone will sway few voters. But when Sean Carlson, Tucker Hannity, and all the other interchangeable dittoheads who initially said Covid-19 was a hoax - before 200,000 Americans died - see Joe unmasked with an outstretched hand, they'll have to invent a new narrative to replace the ones they've been feeding the tweeter-in-chief. They make plenty of money dishing out their swill. I say let them earn those obscene salaries.  

Note to Joe: Bring hand sanitizer. Your call whether you allow the audience to see you use it later. 


  1. Another timely Blog post. As I’m sure a number of people would agree, this is a rather interesting political season. And for the last, almost, 4 years we have seen quite a division in our Country. Unlike anything that we’ve seen previously. Political seasons are usually hotbeds of activity, full of all sorts of fun and games. It was referred to as the ‘Silly Season’ when I was working for the State government. For any number of reasons.
    And, as sure as I am that Vice President Biden’s handlers, and perhaps Mr. Biden himself, read your Blog, let me offer a different approach. Do Not Shake Hands and Definitely Wear a Mask. In fact, if at all possible, wear full PPE. I am very hopeful that Mr. Biden not only wins in November, but that he wins in a landslide that sends a clear message to everyone that enough is enough and that we need to get back to being a more unified country. And the need to completely protect himself, in all ways possible, is critical as he takes office. Ok ... I can hear the disagreements that there has always been division in politics and in what people believe. And I do not disagree with most of that. But it’s never been like this. And it’s only gotten worse and, I do believe, it will only continue down this very dark path if there isn’t a change this November.
    And I agree, Definitely YES, with using hand sanitizer, Mr. Biden. And, just for good measure, let everyone see you use it.

    1. Anonymous; Thanks for the comment. And while I agree Joe's health and safety are important, I'd love to see him take a small chance this one time and shake hands with Orange Alert without a mask. Doing that might temporarily shut up the "alternative facts" "Covid is a hoax" "don't tell me I have to wear a mask; you're treading on my freedom" crowd of malcontents who scream at anyone citing real science or speaks using - God forbid - verifiable information able to be independently corroborated by disinterested third parties. What a concept - huh? Actual facts.