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Friday, October 23, 2020

Good News For Me - Jeffrey? Not So Much

 Anyone who has read my blog even casually knows at least a few of my foibles. Although I try to avoid excessive hand wringing, I aim for honesty here, hoping at least a few of you sharing the bell curve with me may occasionally see yourself reflected through my flaws.

Still, one flaw I am grateful to have sidestepped is my gender's propensity for routinely putting their lives in the blender via sexual shenanigans. When the Jeffrey Toobin story recently surfaced, once again I uttered a silent prayer of thanksgiving for what my Father modeled when I was a young man. Now my head, my heart, and even my intuition have failed me more times than I can count. But my private parts have thankfully remained right where they belong. Thank you, Dad, again. 

Throughout my life, I've had more than a few Jimmy Carter-ish lust-in-my-heart moments. And I would guess my list of stupid, ill-advised actions over the seventy + years I've been upright would rival the list of almost anyone. But today's reflection ends with good news, at least for me: So far, whenever those Jimmy Carter moments have occurred, my head, my heart, and my intuition spoke louder to me than my genitals.     


  1. Having, of course, read about the exploits of Mr. Toobin, I somehow continue to be amazed at how (lets call it 'Stupid') stupid people can be. Let's see .. was it more stupid to actually engage in that activity on a Web Call (with anyone, much less colleagues)? Or was it more stupid to think that no one would see or notice said engagement? And how many other stupid things are underlying?
    I admit to also having had Jimmy Carter moments. To be honest, who hasn't? Male or female? But to take that to the next level? Or levels? It's simply wrong in too many ways to count them all.
    I love the stories about your dad and his words/teachings. I think your dad and and my dad would've gotten along famously. And I'm glad that my intuitions and upbringing also speak as loud as yours have.
    Be well, Pat.

    1. RRGRMG; Again, thanks for comment. And bigger thanks for noting how your Dad and mine might have gotten along. Dad wasn't without flaws but thankfully none of them were of the toxic variety. I miss him every day.

  2. Thanks, Pat. I share the same feelings for my dad. And miss him every day as well.