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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Words For The Ages, Line Fifteen

 "Where do you go when you get to the end of your dream?" 

Although that question, posed by the late Dan Fogelberg in Nether Lands, may not at first seem of a piece with the fourteen earlier lyrics used in this series, I can't recall a more unsettling question that's ever been asked in the context of a popular song. If you differ, I'd welcome hearing your idea. Bear in mind just one guideline I've adhered to since initiating words for the ages in June, 2017: Brevity. 

How many of you have ever been called a dreamer? It's possible the thirteen words Fogelberg put into his succinct question land with me as they do because my dreams continually elude me. It's also possible that some folks might call those dreams of mine unrealistic expectations. The distinction between the two has never been real clear to me, if one exists. Who gets to be the judge of when someone else's expectations are unrealistic, i.e. that person is a "dreamer"? When is it time to abandon a dream/unrealistic expectations when those dreams motivate someone to create, set goals, live fully? My mind travels to these cul-de-sacs each time I hear that question in Nether Lands. 

I suspect if I got to "...the end of..." any of my dreams I would probably begin dreaming again. You?  


  1. Let me start with saying that any time Dan Fogelberg is mentioned, I'm paying attention. I love his music and his lyrics. His album with Tim Weisberg, 'Twin Sons of Different Mothers', is an all time favorite in my collection. As an aside, I do believe he belongs in the R&R HOF.
    I have been called a dreamer. Also a hopeless romantic and, one of my favorites, I've been called naive'. That last one usually gets me out of a few arguments and/or discussions so I'm fine with it. But back to your blog post ... I do dream. The problem I have is, although I remember my dreams when I first wake up, I don't retain the memory for more than a few moments and they're gone. Once in a while a brief part of a dream will be there, but not often and not for long. As a result of this I am not sure what happens when I get to the end of a dream. I'm going to say that I do start dreaming again as I know that I have many each night. Now I have to go listen to 'Netherlands'. Been a while. Thanks for mentioning it.

    1. RRGRMG; First off, congratulations getting a comment to stick! I've kept a dream journal for years to help me recall those nighttime dreams you speak of because mine too tend to slip away. I've found the journal - kept right by my bed - to be useful because occasionally songs or fragments of songs come to me at night; I don't want to lose those. Although in this post I was thinking more speaking about the daytime variety of dreaming, I'm not sure which type of dreams Fogelberg had in mind when he wrote Nether Lands. Either way, thanks for the comment.

    2. I'm very impressed with myself for finally getting a post to actually post - lol. Thanks for the congratulations. A journal is a great idea. Of course by the time I find my glasses, pen and journal there is a real chance that I'll miss that window of opportunity. But .. it's worth a try. Not sure if I would consider myself a daydreamer, though. I do daydream. Just not sure if I would consider it that or just reminiscing in my mind ... Probably the same thing though. Thanks again, Pat. Be well. Stay Safe.