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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

I Remain Busy For The Rest Of My Life

It's not as though I haven't heard several terrific podcasts and want to check out others. And I surely could learn a great deal if I watched more Ted Talks. That website you're recommending because you are sure it will be worthwhile for me? I have no doubt you're right.

Here's the issue: The hours I've been allotted - like yours - are finite. How can I get to it all? I can't. Flip that coin: How is it possible for anyone to be bored given all the world offers us? I submit only boring people can be bored. The corollary to that? Being interesting to others often flows from being interested. 

Which delivers me directly to my immense gratitude to anyone who uses any part of their precious, finite time to read my blog. I cannot say thank you often enough. I will never take you for granted.



  1. I enjoy reading your blog. Interestingly, the subject of how I spend my time has been very present in my mind. I have made a vow to myself to carefully evaluate how I am spending my time. Much like the decluttering process, I am asking myself questions like: does this bring me joy? must I do this? can I say "no?" Etc., etc. A work in progress.

    1. Ines; And I appreciate your (now long-running) support. That "work in progress" thing? Oh, how I get that.

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    1. Anonymous; And that means acknowledging a "you're welcome", whoever you are.

  3. Hello, Pat. I hope this finds you all doing well. I was always very conscious of how I spent my time. And this was especially true when I was working. There never seemed to be enough time to get everything completed, yet it usually did get done. After work was when the personal things would need to be done. Yet, after work usually meant later than we had initially planned. I was never a 9-5 kind of worker. And although those were my working hours I would usually get to my office sometime about 8-ish, have an all to quick cup of coffee, and start the day. And the day would end at/around 6-6:30. And, because of the position I held, I was on call whenever any incident would occur - weekends included. And, although this does sound like a lot, I was in such a routine after so many years that the time needed to get the job done was, somehow, always there. Being retired now there is still so much to do that somehow, got done when I was working full time. Every now and then I'll stop and ask myself how I ever had time to work - lol.
    I'll also add my 'You're Welcome' in response to reading your Blog. I honestly enjoy reading it and seeing what will come next. Of course, there have been occasions when my 'time' (or shortage of) has resulted in writing comments to 2 posts at a time.
    Be well,

    1. Bob; As I said to Ines (above), I sincerely appreciate your support of and frequent comments on my blog. And on those occasions when time crunches you and you end up making two comments in a day, I am so grateful that you actually return to earlier posts. Although Ines has been a consistent presence here longer than yourself - I met her several years before meeting you - both of you have sustained me in equal measure. Thanks again to both of you.