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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Honoring A Genuine Hero


When I posted the above soon after starting this blog, I did not mention anyone by name. However, I clearly recall having several people in mind; Dietrich Bonhoeffer was not one of them.

Earlier today, as I learned about Bonhoeffer, a German Lutheran priest who actively resisted the Third Reich's ideology, I realized I'd stumbled onto a genuine hero. And as often happens to me when I'm exposed to people of such moral courage, I was simultaneously inspired and demoralized. How do you react when you learn about people like Bonhoeffer?

Right after posting this, I'm visiting the library to see if they have a biography about this remarkable man. If I'm unsuccessful finding that, I'll scour the Internet for articles etc. on him. No matter how meager my acts of bravery have been compared to his, I'll be a better person honoring his life by learning more about him.      

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