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Friday, November 18, 2011

Synaptic Sparks, Part 2 (With Prediction)

Anyone have Quentin Tarantino's phone number or e-mail? If so, send it to me so I can tell him he has to read Jennifer Egan's "A Visit From The Goon Squadbefore HBO adapts it to film. And while Quentin is reading Egan's book, he'd be wise to listen to any Tom Waits recording, although "Swordfish & Trombones" would be optimum.

Although I already blogged about "Goon Squad" just last Friday, while discussing it with my wife the other night, I kept seeing scenes from Quentantino's "Pulp Fiction" in my head. And then I heard Waits singing as I described Egan's book cum roller coaster. I'm convinced these synaptic sparks need to be ignited.

You read it here first (well... at least my wife & daughter read it here first): When Quentantino makes the film, he will divide Egan's "A" & "B" sections (the two sides of an LP) into 2 major parts in his film. Then he will use each of Egan's 13 chapters (the number of songs many recordings have) to create the smaller sections of his film. Maybe a fade to black between each? Each of the 13 sections will have a song playing in the background sometime as the action unfolds. The singer for at least one of those 13? The vocal gravel of Tom Waits. Then for the other twelve, someone else (not Michael Bolton) will sing one of Waits' lopsided compositions so that each section is in a different voice, just as Egan does with each of her 13 chapters.    

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