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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Electing To Eat At Home

Given my political stance, having breakfast at the local diner on Election Day was unwise. Since the likelihood any of the regulars from there read my blog is close to zero, it's probably safe to ask - Do these people consider their loud political conversations might be potentially offensive? And, do they think about other patrons unable to avoid overhearing them who don't share their views?

I'm as opinionated as the next obnoxious person; my siblings would likely say more so. But in public places, I try hard to make sure my loud talking doesn't spill into the political arena. Not long ago, my wife and I were having dinner out with a couple who largely share our political views. How often do you do the opposite? In any case, when one of them began getting a little loud, I was hyper-aware of other diners and tactfully shifted the conversation to a more neutral subject. Some would call this cowardice; I consider it courteous and this from someone not widely touted for that particular social grace.

Is the trend toward loud & public political posturing worse now than ever? Having never been a "those were the good old days" type, I suspect not. But next Election Day, especially since it's a mid-term, I'm staying away from the diner.


  1. I can't believe you wouldn't even let me glare!

  2. Hi Pat, long time no post. One thing that strikes me, is how many self -described conservatives think it perfectly fine to spout their views with no consideration for others who may not share the same views, nor clue that it's not the right time or place. I get really tired of being the one who holds my tongue while people around me go on about their short-sighted opinions. Neither do I want to debate with someone like that. It would be nice if they would just shut the f up. But noooo. So, I do try, usually, to be considerate about discussing politics in public areas. Still, once in a while it is awfully tempting!

    1. Jim; Good to see you here again; missed your comments. We're having a tough time with this phenomenon in our new area. Feels like we moved to Oklahoma or Utah via the NJ shore. Yikes!

  3. Now that NJ voted to increase the minimum wage, can we go back to the diner and talk loudly about how happy we are about that?