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Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Grade (So Far): Independence

Independence: The quality or state of not being influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion or conduct.

Using that definition, how would you grade yourself so far on independence? How much emphasis did your parents place on independence? If you're a parent, how important is it that your children are independent?

My self-grade for this attribute is not easy to nail down. I value independence in theory but in practice have difficulty resisting being influenced, if not controlled, by others. And I feel influenced by the opinions of others much more than their conduct. How about you?

Stand apart or fit in? Raising me, my parents clearly favored the latter. I tried to favor the former raising my own daughter while continually reminding her of the cost associated with that approach. My grade (so far) for independence? A definite work in progress - "C/C+".  

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