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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wrestling Since The Learner's Permit Days

In what area of life do you find yourself most often wrestling with impatience?

Fresh on the heels of yet another example of irrationally losing my patience with a driver, I'm thinking it may be high time to let go more when behind the wheel. One of the late George Carlin's best bits riffed on this human foible when he asked how it could be so many of us characterize other drivers as either a "MANIAC!" (e.g.  driving too fast, switching lanes furiously, running yellow lights) or... an "IDIOT!" (e.g. driving too slow, switching lanes without blinker, stopping for yellow lights). Ah yes, perspective.

Also, since the sorest spot in my 36 year marriage is when my wife and I are in the car together, there's another reason to begin flexing those Buddhist muscles. More serenity, less impatience - has to make our joint driving time more pleasant, right?

And, if you're one of those saints who doesn't lose your patience with others (driving or otherwise), lest you think you've escaped, here's your question: In what way do you test the patience of others? I'll accept comments from someone who claims to not lose their patience and also not test the patience of others only if that person provides visual proof of walking on water. Otherwise, own up, OK?


  1. Ask why I irritate thee
    And thee shall ye learn forsooth
    There is no rhyme or reason
    Beyond this simple truth

    That if I can annoy thee
    I'll do my best for sure
    It pleases me to see just how much
    Stress thee can endure

    Call me a spry spirit
    A prankster or a thief
    T'will not affect my sadomasochistic
    Dark belief

    We cannot be our glowing best
    Never shine our brightest
    Till when the noose falls bout the neck
    And pulls its very tightest

    Be then not a hypocrite
    Turn not the other cheek
    Vivaldi turned the seasons four
    For kings and not the meek

    Demolitions derbies
    Chaotic human clashes
    Drones are coming to far towns
    To cook their blood to ashes

    Repent then not of roadly rage
    Third fingers raised so crude
    Consolation for the driving fiend
    The automotive dude

    Be thankful that thou livest not
    Near rockets, bombs, and missiles
    And that thine blog elicits forth
    Such worldly wise epistles

  2. Anonymous; Me thinks it high time to say (with nary a winking eye), the pith thou dost here display, oft renders mine stale and dry.

  3. From time to time I certainly have tested the patience of others. More often than not it's because I've lost patience with myself.