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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Walking A Similar Path

So far, my need for support groups has been minimal. Even when my issues have felt onerous, they were unrelated to addiction, enabling an addiction, or an intense grief I couldn't shake. Whenever I've been stuck, it's usually been clear to me that I'm not alone in that struggle.

It is equally clear to me how valuable support groups are for exactly that reason. I'm deeply moved each time I hear someone describe the solace they get just knowing other "normal" people have walked a similar path. There is something incredibly soothing when someone tells their story to a group and others nod as they speak.

Continually hearing about the power of support groups reminds me to use one if a day comes when I'm struggling and feeling alone in my struggle.


  1. Good post. For some people it's a large, uncomfortable step to seek support, even though they know they would benefit. I'm in that category. I attended one briefly once, and found solace as you describe. Mostly, I realized the similarities in our experiences. I'd give it maybe a seven for helpfulness. But, I have no confidence that I would seek support in the future. Going is comforting, but acknowledging the need for help feels super-bad. I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling that way. Your blog is a reminder that the benefit could quickly outweigh the dread, should the need arise.

    1. Jim; Thanks for your honest and thoughtful comment. When I began this blog in March, 2011 the kind of comments you routinely make were exactly what I hoped I might get. Appreciate you continuing to read and share.