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Monday, September 28, 2015

Away From Home

When you're away from home what do you miss most? How much does the length of time you're away affect what you miss? How much time do you need in between trips to catch your breath?

My wife and I are off to San Antonio for the week even though the laundry from our just finished trip to Alaska is still not done. But, having already passed up an opportunity earlier this year to accompany her on a business trip to Barcelona, no way I was letting this time away with her slip by.

Still, the short gap between these trips brought me back to my rock n' roll road years. For a while in the early-mid 70's it seemed as though I was away more than home. What did 20-something Pat miss the most when away from home over forty years ago? Uncool as it may be, I missed my parents. When I was in Los Angeles in 1972, my Father asked if I was considering moving there. I clearly recollect his relief over the phone when I said "no". What I don't recollect is whether I said how much I missed he and my Mom; I hope I did.

When away from home these days, I miss my daughter the most. And though it's much easier to stay in touch now than it was in 1972, nothing takes the place of being right alongside someone you love. That part hasn't changed at all.


  1. Pat,

    As trite as it may sound, home is where the heart is.

    1. Peter; In my view, calling something trite (or cliched) doesn't mean it's untrue. Thanks (again & again) for reading and for your comments.

    2. Pat
      That was my point. My implication was that some of what people consider the some of the most hackneyed phrases in the English language come closer to describing human emotion and the realities of life then the most elaborate philosophical l dissertations .