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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Beam Me Home, Scotty

And then there were three.

Unless a good friend or relative moves to either - or an unexpected wedding invitation comes my way - I suspect Alabama and Mississippi may be the last two States I ever visit. Neither has a National Park; the weather and history of both are not particularly compelling to me; no road trip to visit friends or family logically passes through either State. What's left? A lifelong wish to experience every State at least once.

That makes Hawaii my clear current choice to fill slot #48. Two National Parks, some of the world's greatest beaches, the most diversity of any State. But on the way home yesterday from a two week visit to a few National Parks in Alaska - a return trip that began Thursday at 8:30 p.m. - I found myself reflecting how terrific it would have been had my trip to faraway State #47 magically ended with another glance at a glacier or a humpback whale vs. the hassles and tedium associated with flying. I know those hassles will quickly fade and the positive memories will long linger but this moment the idea of getting on an airplane to Hawaii (or anywhere) has zero appeal.

Where is Scotty when I need him?


  1. Pat, Good so see you’re back!

  2. So, if this comment comes twice, I apologize as I am not sure it was posted...Maybe you should go to Hawaii by way of visiting family in California first. Maybe your California family will come to Hawaii with you. And Alabama actually is okay.

    Speaking of the South, I just read Gone with the Wind for the first time. Why hasn't there been a post about the most amazing character development of all time?

    1. Anonymous family; Great idea! A stopover in California en route to Hawaii it is. And, when I get to a post about character development in a novel I'll look for a comment from you.