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Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Re-Incarnation Of Groucho

Miracles do happen. If you will, picture the 2016 election as the year our broken two party system finally loses its grip on the Presidency. Join my fantasy as the Democrats and Republicans both nominate unelectable candidates. Envision the energy and new ideas infusing next year's election as the conventions end with Sanders and Trump representing our two tired parties. A viable third color? An animal other than donkey or elephant? What a concept.

With either blue or red having held the oval office since 1852, I realize we're in 1969 Mets territory here. But if a genuine threat to the donkey/elephant juggernaut actually occurred next November, maybe some candidates for the mid-term congressional election of 2018 might hear the voter discontent, begin searching for common ground, tone down the divisive rhetoric a bit. Does wishing for civil conversation in the political arena make me a hopeless idealist? Would be comforting to know others on the bell curve are as tired of the screaming as I.

Politics aside, just imagining a Sanders vs. Trump debate makes me chuckle. I'd pay to attend that event. Who would you like to see as moderator? Too bad Groucho is no longer with us.


  1. Trump is scary on so many levels... We not only need civility we need elected officials who truly represent us. Not happening these days in Washington - for the most part.

  2. Lynn & Ines; Thanks for your comments. But I'm sincerely wishing a viable third party gains a foothold. I believe our longstanding two party status quo greatly contributes to the political stagnation we've come to accept as the "new norm".