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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Demanding Our Supply

What was the last film you saw based on real world circumstances but so far removed from any of your life experiences that much of what was depicted in the movie felt like science fiction?

If you don't relish being shaken up while watching a film, I'd recommend skipping "Sicario". Before  beginning to watch it, I "knew" there were vile people inhabiting the higher echelons of the drug cartels. I "knew" corruption, violence, and amorality were inescapable components of that world. And I "knew" the folks fighting the "war on drugs" on our behalf know it's unwinnable. "Knowing" all these things hardly prepared me for the graphic way this disturbing movie made its point. I was horrified and mesmerized in equal measure. And I couldn't help repeatedly saying to myself  "Thank goodness my life experience never put me anywhere close to this world."

Near the end, one of the "good" guys - played by Josh Brolin - tells Emily Blunt's main character, an FBI agent, that until Americans give up illegal "recreational" drugs, the two of them, and many thousands more, are guaranteed job security. Depending on which source you believe, the latest estimates on recreational drug use by the US adult population go from 10-20%. I recall very little about any class in economics I've taken, except supply and demand. What am I missing?

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