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Monday, October 3, 2016

Put Me In Coach

If people are willing to pay a personal trainer to help them stay in shape, surely there are folks who would spend money for someone that could help them stay intellectually limber, right?

The over-crowded field of personal coaches no doubt has specialists like this. If you were shopping for a coach of this type, what would you look for? Aside from the obvious, like educational credentials, good references, and samples of writing, I'd want someone who spoke more than one language. I'd also be looking for a person with high emotional intelligence.

And since I'd be paying, I'd make sure my quirky needs were met. Any coach I'm considering would have to provide me with their Mt. Rushmore of four favorite novels, non-fiction titles, feature films, documentaries, jazz artists, and recordings. Although I wouldn't be looking for a one-to-one match with my own choices, if all the other stuff were copacetic, someone with such impeccable taste would have a real good shot at sealing the deal.


  1. Not sure if I follow this one. If I were picking a coach, I would choose a person who has expertise and experience in the field I wish to enter/study. That person's favorites wouldn't play into a decision of whether or not to part with money. But then again, I am not sure a coach could help me stay intellectually limber....perhaps coach isn't the right word to describe such a person?

    1. Ines; Obviously, the attempt at being tongue-in-cheek in my last paragraph missed the mark. And, if you didn't follow my lame humor, it was probably lost on others as well.