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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Is Ouija Moving Toward "C" or "T"?

My parents have been gone for some time. Although I'm not sure if she voted, Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford were on the ballot in 1976, the last Presidential election of Mom's life. And the last time my Dad was around to vote for President was 1994 when Bill Clinton was running for re-election against Bob Dole. I don't recall either of my folks ever telling me who they voted for. Did your folks tell you about their politics? My only clear recollection was hearing my Father repeatedly gripe that politicians were not to be trusted because they didn't look out for the "...little guy ..."

I believe a candidate's positions on the issues mattered to my folks; they weren't superficial. But they weren't real sophisticated or urbane either. My guesses? Mom would have voted for Ford in 1976; I suspect a Georgia peanut farmer would have been a little exotic for her. Ford also had that guy-next-door demeanor my Mom would have liked. Dad? Would likely have chosen Dole in 1994; Clinton's sexual shenanigans would have put him off. Dole was also a WWII vet like Dad. My guesses aside, I never got the sense my parents voted strictly Republican. Now one of my siblings might disagree but I think any party affiliations my parents had were flexible, especially when contrasted to what seems to be the norm nowadays. Anyway, let's face it, Republicans and Democrats were not as far apart then as they are now.

What got me started on this was all the brouhaha about people voting from the grave this year. Maybe it's time for me to break out the Ouija board and get word from Mom and Dad on their choice for this election? How about you? Would you like to hear from any departed loved one about who they would choose in this year's circus?  

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