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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Two Down, Four To Go (Continents, That Is)

It's official. After the Guyana/Paraguay/Suriname/Uruguay feast we recently hosted, we've now tried the cuisine of every independent nation in South America as part of our five-year-old mission to "Eat The World". We tasted Australia sometime ago. Also, once we sample a few remaining Central American countries, we'll have eaten our way across North America. Soon the only nations left to taste will be from Africa and Asia and a handful from Europe.

This last repast was interesting. The cuisine of Guyana and Suriname - Caribbean with a decidedly Asian-Indian influence - combined with the traditional Spanish-based dishes of Paraguay and Uruguay to make the dining experience more eclectic. Nice change from some of our other cooking experiences - our culinary trip to Laos & Cambodia comes to mind - when regional similarities between the recipes of different countries rendered moot any national distinctions in the dishes themselves.

Know of any ethnic restaurants in the NYC metropolitan area - especially from Africa and Asia - we might have missed? Let me know, preferably while our teeth and/or digestive tracts are still intact. And thanks for your continued interest in our project; it's been a blast!

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