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Thursday, December 7, 2017

The State I'm In

Which other US States could you envision living in?

Although New Jersey has been home since childhood, recently I've been more seriously considering States that entice me enough to re-locate. Given the moving history my wife and I have had over our forty years, we're about due for a change. So having visited all but three of the other forty nine - with my first visit to Hawaii weeks away - I've got enough data, right? Why not use my flawless taxonomy and join me in some harmless daydreaming? I've listed just four for each level; feel free to list more.

States that have significant appeal (alphabetically): Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon

States that could work in a pinch: Connecticut, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Virginia

Not a chance: Florida, Kansas, North Dakota, Oklahoma

Where will Hawaii land? Although I'm looking forward to visiting, I suspect being that far away from my daughter guarantees it will not make level #1 (unless she moves there and I'm enthralled). Too early to speculate on either Alabama or Mississippi until after my first visits to each, two probable 2019 vacation destinations. But the year-round heat of the deep South - or the extreme cold of Alaska or Minnesota for that matter - means those States will probably never get higher than level #2,  even if both knock me out.        


  1. For us, economic considerations and health care quality would be at the top of any list. A diverse area with a larger metropolitan area nearby would also be important.

  2. Thought provoking to say the least. With the current political environment one of the considerations is taxation unfortunately.

    Personally I need access to the ocean and year round warmth would be nice.

    Maybe Virginia, Maryland, a Carolina a state. But why limit it...

    How about Barbados or Costa Rica? (i just gave away my favorite destinations)

  3. I like Vermont - mountains, forests, farms, independent people, a cool city (Burlington), Lake Champlain, not too far away. OK it's cold, but give it a few years and that shouldn't be much of a problem (that's me trying to look on the bright side).

  4. Thanks to all three of you for reading and commenting. I'm with you Peter on the diversity and major metropolitan area - both are level one criteria. Chris - Long time since I've seen a comment from you - welcome back. North Carolina might be level two but South Carolina is definitely level three for me, low taxes notwithstanding. And without any cooler weather same goes for Barbados and Costa Rica (but if you move there, I'll definitely crash with you!) Kim: For me, Vermont is level two (with a bullet) but of course if you go, I'll follow. Others care to join the cyber-conversation?

  5. Your first trip to Hawaii? Wow! Hawaii is a riot of colors. Jim and I spent two weeks on the islands of Kauai and Oahu many years ago. The incredible landscape and beautiful weather are not to be missed! Truly amazing are the photographs we admire to this day. Both of us, although poor photographers, came away with stunning shots, so bright and clear that every one of them looked like picture postcards - too vivid to be real. Hopefully you’ll be in the air fewer than seven hours each way, since aviation has improved over the years. May the prevailing winds be with you! Enjoy!