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Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Patriotic Proposal From Mr. Id, Patriot

Having noted his long absence from the bell curve, Mr. Id took an opportunity during a recent shower to question his immodest better half about the radio silence. Among other unseemly details, the evil twin learned of the approval-seeking blogger's yearning for cyber notoriety for the posts published each January 13 since 2014. Apparently, the egotistic dunderhead irrationally believes the American public has ignored these four posts at their peril. Mr. Id caught the moaning short, offering the whiner a surefire way to ensure this year's January 13 post goes viral - let Mr. Id write it and use the word patriot at least twice in the title. So ...

Given the cretins unleashed throughout 2017, now moving into early 2018 - thanks to the incessant blowing of Agent Orange's dog whistle - Mr. Id proposes converting one of our fifty States into an independent territory. This new territory would welcome every white supremacist with open arms (pun intended). All those identifying with their views would be strongly encouraged to establish residence there. The current residents of the State selected for conversion who would no longer want to live in the yet-to-be named territory would be reimbursed for their re-location costs to the State of their choice. Future tax returns would include a line item for any taxpayer wishing to offset the reimbursement costs of those choosing to move to the new territory. Mr. Id and his twin would gladly contribute, provided the wall erected around that new territory was really big and the border guards have really big guns. Mr. Id shares Agent Orange's faith in really big stuff.

Further logistics:
* Though the territory gets no congressional representation or input into electing the President, it gets complete autonomy to establish its own laws and elect their own governor, again,  provided that wall is really big. Think Puerto Rico, except only white people live there.
*  Mr. Id and his meek doppelganger offer their services to help write the entry questionnaire cum psychological profile for anyone wishing to live in the territory. The Southern Poverty Law Center already has a huge data base of previously vetted candidates.

Mr. Id leaves it to other patriots and/or readers to further enrich his unquestionably patriotic concept. In the meanwhile, assist in the posts below going viral and help Mr. Id pacify his creator, will you?






  1. OMG! What a concept. Would that this could really happen...thanks for the diversion from reality even if only for a moment....

    1. Ines; Thanks for reading and your comment; glad I provided a diversion, no matter how temporary; sometimes you need that, right?