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Sunday, February 25, 2018

A Well Lived Life

What does a well lived life mean for you?

* Loving and being loved.

* Making a difference.

* Following my passions.

Those three things are critical for me. Ask everyone you know this question. Enjoy the riches you collect. Share yours here.


  1. Being kind to people and animals.
    Making friends.
    Giving back.

    1. Jim; Thanks so much for sharing this; I hope others will read your brief list and be inspired to share their own.

  2. Being aware of everything in the moment, it allows me to focus on the important needs of those around me.

    1. Peter; As always, thanks for continuing to support my blog and your comments. I envy you the ability to be aware of everything in the moment. I'm working on that but still have a long way to go!