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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Synaptic Sparks Of Wonder

"Wonderstruck" is a rare example of a film that persuades me I've made good use of my time even though I've been passively looking at a screen for almost two hours.

Though Julianne Moore is the name that will draw most people to this movie, the three child actors forming the core of the film - and Director Todd Haynes - create magic that transcends the need to have a star to recommend it. And though I suspect dislodging the faces of those young actors from my mind's eye will be difficult, I've already added Brian Selznick's eponymous book - which he adapted for the screen - to my "to read" list. Because even if reading a book before seeing a film adaptation is my preference, extending the glow of this story takes precedence this moment.

Meanwhile, synaptic sparks nearly overtook me as I was transported watching "Wonderstruck".  First: I heard Louie Armstrong singing "What A Wonderful World". Next: Several scenes from Simon Van Booy's "The Illusion Of Separateness" (2013) began overlapping with the movie as it toggled from 1977 to 1927. As the film ended, for reasons that will be obvious to any of you that have seen it, I clearly recalled my emotional reaction watching the stage version of "Children Of A Lesser God".

Put this one on your "to see" list. Then, let me know where your mind travelled.

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