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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Re-Introducing The Olgas

Consider two things many of us have in common:

* We spend a good portion of our lives working in a specific field - e.g. education, medicine, the law.
* We've seen movies attempting to depict those fields.

With the winning Oscars just announced, it seems fitting to re-introduce the Olgas. Please submit nominations for a film, an actor, and an actress portrayal most closely adhering to your experience in your field of work. I submit the following for your consideration, knowing readers don't go unless I start the ball rolling:

Best end-to-end film about the life of musicians: "The Fabulous Baker Boys"

Actor most realistically portraying a musician: Jeff Bridges in "Crazy Heart"

Actress most realistically portraying a musician: Liza Minnelli in "New York, New York"  

My Olgas purposefully avoided biopics like "I Walk The Line" or "Lady Sings The Blues"; I'm not fond of the liberties those kinds of films often take telling the stories of real people. If you want, ignore that guideline submitting your nominations. BTW, teachers - I found "Stand And Deliver" insufferable.  

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