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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Off The High Horse

Over nearly seven years of blogging - and probably 300 or more posts about books - more than one person has told me my reading preferences are a bit "serious". Since that observation contains a grain of truth, I'm pleased getting off my high horse today to recommend "I Let You Go" (2014) by Clare Mackintosh, an old fashioned mystery/thriller. Readers who love escaping into a book - this one is for you.

Mackintosh's law enforcement background is front and center in this debut, a gripping story of the impact a fatal hit-and-run has on those touched by it. Sturdy prose, strong narrative momentum and - most significantly - the shifting voices telling the story - are the key elements that held me captive. Equally important: My cliché alarm never sounded and at least two of my guesses were way off. In a mystery, this is a good sign. Unlike my mystery-loving sister, I'm not sharp guessing these things. If I can figure out the twists and turns in a thriller, it's safe to say the author hasn't done their job real well.

I hope that same sister is on the bell curve today. After devouring "The Devotion Of Suspect X" (Keigo Higashino, 2005) a while ago based on her recommendation, I've been on the lookout for something in this genre worth her time. "I Let You Go" definitely fits the bill.

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