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Friday, March 23, 2018

Thank You, Bill & Christine


After almost eight years, my involvement with Celtic Charms will soon be ending. This remarkable organization - which specializes in therapeutic horsemanship for people with disabilities - is closing up shop in New Jersey. When this happens, a big gap will open in my life.

Who continually inspires you to be more? The couple who run Celtic Charms have done that for me since 2010. Though my initial commitment was only to serve on the Board Of Trustees, as soon as I saw the energy, time, and personal resources these two unselfish people devoted to their mission, it was clear I needed to do more. Ever since, Friday mornings at the farm have often been the highlight of my week, especially when assisting with lessons. Watching the endless patience of the instructors has frequently moved me.

I will also miss my regular interaction with the other Celtic Charms community, including volunteers and the small staff who work the farm. I'm a better person for the time I've spent at Celtic Charms. Replacing the unique energy this special place has given me could be difficult.


  1. oh no! I didn't know this! you love this place!

    1. Ali; Sorry you had to learn about this via my blog vs. a conversation. But it was fresh on my mind after my last trip to the farm.