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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

To Those Who Have Shaped Me

Aside from my parents - who gave me the ultimate gift - many people have given me a great deal over my lifetime. I'm proud to say that many times while both were still alive, I made sure to tell my parents of my gratitude.

So as my 68th birthday was approaching last November, I began codifying a process aimed at more purposefully acknowledging other people who have made a difference in my life. Just the cataloging of who I'd contact and what I'd thank them for has been energizing, instructive, and therapeutic. Most recently, a blog post about my brother's role in shaping my musical life - a long-overdue debt that I'd not properly acknowledged - led me to more carefully examine the role still others have played in the evolution of my other abiding passions and in my professional and intellectual development. Some of these folks have requested I not publish a post about them, though I almost never use names here. And though I'll respect their wishes, my process continues apace. Just today I had a conversation with a mentor of mine and the critical role she played in my development as an adult educator.

Who has shaped you? In what way? What prevents you from acknowledging the role these people have played in your evolution?


  1. Many, if not most people have had some degree in shaping me over my lifetime. Even the individuals who created a negative experience have enriched me by teaching me to be aware of life's lessons, even the painful ones.

    1. Peter; Your unfailingly positive way of looking at your life experiences is refreshing and inspiring. Thanks for continuing to read and comment.