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Thursday, April 26, 2018

One Sock At A Time

If you've been meditating for any length of time, what benefit have you derived from your practice?

My own meditation practice has now spanned almost half my life. Although identifying a tangible benefit - i.e. something quantifiable - is never easy, I'm confident saying an increased mindfulness is likely linked to all the hours I've spent meditating. Now, I'd love to claim profound epiphanies visit me during these mindful moments. Not so much. Frequently, my mindfulness connects to the most mundane parts of everyday life.

* While riding my bike - when mindful - I remind myself to shift out of the "must-get-my-exercise" mode. Look around, take a different path, listen to the birds.

* Why put my wife's shoes on the rack in her closet with the left shoe on the left side and the right shoe on the right? Why not reverse them?

* Which sock do you routinely put on first? Shoe? Which leg goes first into your pants? Why not try doing it opposite way?

What have you been more mindful of recently? Do you link your mindfulness to meditation?


  1. I'm mindful of the fact that you just wrote a GREAT blog ! Please keep up the wonderful writing.

    1. Peter; Your kind feedback is so affirming to me. Thanks for continuing to read and support my creative efforts.