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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Available For Hire: Fadeout Fixer

Today's musical reflection was inspired by patient and attentive readers who have asked when my recording of original songs - which I first announced would be released "soon" late in 2017 - will be available. Copyright issues have been the main cause of the inordinate delay. In the meanwhile …

Please spread the word: On a contract basis, I'm available (immediately) to compose endings for any songs where an otherwise talented songwriter might resort to using a fadeout. Provided I'm amply compensated, mentioned several times in interviews featuring said songwriter, and given numerous opportunities for glamorous photo ops - captions mandatory - with the songwriter(s), I will not insist on co-writing credits for my expertly crafted song endings. Fair is fair. References available upon request.

Admit it, listeners and songwriters - Aren't you tired of fadeouts? No? Try this - Listen carefully to "If I Fell". Don't those last few exquisite and unique bars when Lennon & McCartney croon "If I fell in love with you" put an unmistakable period on that great song? Not convinced? Try any version of "Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most" (I'm partial to Bette Midler's read). On that undeniable musical masterpiece - beginning with "All alone, the party's over …"  - composer Tommy Wolf and lyricist Fran Landesman add a brand new eight bars of magic to let the listener know the song and the party are over - brilliant.

Songwriters - Wouldn't a final touch of this caliber on your songs be better than a lazy fadeout? I can help.


  1. Patiently looking forward to hearing the recordings, Pat! For my project I recorded 87 songs, zero fade puts. The endings are important and as you point out another opportunity to enhance the piece. Recording is harder and takes far longer than one would think, but well worth the effort. I’m proud of how mine ultimately turned out and that I took the time to think through each one. You heard them in process, I should send you the final versions. Is 2018 the ETA? Enjoy the journey.

    1. Jim; Thanks for commenting and saying you're looking forward to hearing my stuff. 2018 is definitely the ETA, as soon as I straighten out the copyright issues.